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Join the ranks of successful photographers who started just like you. Seize your moment, and leave no room for regret. The journey to greatness starts here - are you ready?"

My approach to photography is not just about capturing images; it's about telling stories, creating moods, and evoking emotions. All of the content on this website is designed to give inspiration and teach my style and ways of working which I have mastered and used on many client campaigns.

Transform your photography into gallery-worthy art. Our black & white photography courses will elevate your portfolio, making you irresistible to prestigious galleries and clients."

Advanced Editing Mastery: "Master advanced Lightroom techniques with our courses. Perfect your edits to create stunning visuals that will captivate galleries and high-end clients."

Industry Expertise: "Learn from a seasoned industry expert and open doors to major contracts. Gain unique insights and skills that will propel your photography career forward."

Compelling Visual Storytelling: "Our courses teach you the art of visual storytelling, enabling you to create compelling imagery that resonates with gallery curators and discerning clients."

Through my workshops and masterclasses, I reveal the nuances of lighting and model interaction, skills honed through years of experience. My online courses aim to nurture and guide your creative vision, while my presets and LUTs are crafted to replicate the nuanced aesthetics of film, enhancing the final visual output of your images.

About This Website & How It Can Help Build Confidence.

Discover the Secrets of Fashion Photography:

Don't miss out on my unique insights into the glamorous world of fashion photography.

Unlock the Power of Lightroom Presets:

My film emulation presets crafted for perfect film looks. Stay ahead in the photography game by mastering Lightroom presets.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access:

Gain rare behind-the-scenes knowledge from James Nader’s photo diaries. A must-have experience for every aspiring photographer.

Innovative Marketing Strategies for Photographers:

Learn marketing techniques that set James Nader apart in the competitive photography landscape.

Personalised 1-2-1 Zoom Consultations:

The opportunity for personalised guidance from James Nader himself.

Comprehensive Guides to Fashion Photography:

Don't miss out on comprehensive guides and tutorials crafted by James Nader.

Behind the Lens: James Nader’s Approach to Modern Photography": Discover the unique perspective and techniques that define modern photography.

  • Deep Dive into Black and White Photography: The course goes beyond basic editing, teaching you to visualise and conceive your images in black and white. The Zone System's guiding principles are essential for creating striking monochrome images.

  • Comprehensive Video Lessons: With 21 in-depth video lessons, the course covers every aspect of black-and-white photography in Lightroom.

  • Transforming Photographic Vision: It's not just about learning to edit differently; it's about seeing the world through a new lens. The course promises a transformation in your photographic approach, enabling you to capture the essence of your subject with nuanced tonal ranges.

  • Gain Mastery over every Shade: from the deepest blacks to the brightest whites. This control is pivotal in black-and-white photography, where tonal variation speaks volumes.

  • Extending Your Photographic Skills: By the end of the course, your skills in creating monochrome images will reach new heights. The knowledge gained will give you an edge in the competitive field of photography.

Transform Your Photography with James Nader's Masterclass in Adobe Lightroom for Flawless Black and White Conversions


Why This Lightroom Monochrome Course is a Game-Changer for Photographers?

This Lightroom monochrome course is an invaluable investment for photographers aiming to elevate their craft, and here's why:

You didn’t come this far to stop.

Master the art of visual storytelling. Our courses will teach you to create compelling imagery that speaks to gallery curators and discerning clients

This is more than just an educational platform; it's a chance to join an elite circle of photographers who are continuously improving and gaining the confidence

Fashion & Portrait Photography & Lighting Masterclasses

Join me, James Nader, for an unparalleled journey into the heart of fashion photography through my masterclasses and workshops. I'm not just offering you lessons; these are full-blown, immersive experiences designed to unlock your true creative potential. Together, we'll explore myriad lighting techniques, ranging from the finesse of studio setups to the nuances of natural light, all aimed at transforming your fashion imagery.

As your guide and mentor, I'll share my lighting, composition, and beyond expertise. This is your exclusive chance not just to learn, but truly master the art of fashion photography and distinguish yourself in this vibrant, competitive field. Don't let this opportunity slip away – step up your game with me by your side.

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Welcome to my Fashion Lighting Masterclasses and Workshops, I am excited to guide you through the beauty and drama of Old Hollywood lighting, a style that has captivated me and many others. This style, reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood, is rich in drama and glamour, and I've dedicated myself to mastering the techniques of icons like Horst, Hurrell, and Bull.

In these sessions, you'll experience more than just traditional lessons. We dive deep into immersive, hands-on experiences that challenge and inspire, unlocking your creative potential. You'll get the chance to work on various concepts, mastering both continuous film and LED lighting to perfect your classic photography look.

My special focus on "Light and Shadows" will teach you to manipulate light to create dramatic effects, enhancing the narrative of your fashion stories. And, importantly, we'll unlock the secrets of studio lighting with flash, a skill crucial for high-end fashion photography.

Lighting Workshops: Master True Hollywood Lighting Techniques

My Lightroom presets, meticulously crafted, are a homage to the timeless aesthetics of renowned film types. They bring a rich blend of expertise in both film and digital photography.

These preset, including both monochrome and colour variations, draw inspiration from classic film stocks such as Kodak, Fujifilm, and Agfa. My Film Emulation presets are designed to infuse your digital images with the authentic charm of film photography. They are incredibly user-friendly, allowing for stunning transformations with just a single click. Each preset encapsulates a unique mood and style, instantly elevating your photos.

These presets are crafted to emulate the films I have used in my professional career, shooting films for national and international brands.

Film Emulation Presets

Desktop & Mobile Presets

Crafted by James to Mimic Magazine Editorials from 80/90's

Emulating classic film but with my own,,colour and grain combinations for the gloss effect

Film Stock Emulations Curated and Hand Crafted by James to Replicate Films Used

Faded Films and Polaroid Effects Emulated Film Colour Shifts & Washes

You didn’t come this far to stop now.

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