Adobe Lightroom Black & White Editing Course

TransformYour Black & White Editing Black & White Techniques with Techniques That Galleries and High End Clients Demand

Join me on a journey through the timeless art of black and white photography.

Discover the secrets of black and white photography with 11 expert tips that I have curated over my career. Whether you're shooting fashion, landscapes, portraits, or weddings, these insights will enhance your skills and help you create stunning, high-contrast images and understand how and why they work.

This course is more than just learning to edit; it's about transforming your artistic vision into striking monochromatic masterpieces. Enroll now and start your journey into the captivating world of black and white photography.

The Monochrome Journey

"Too often we are not aware that it is the shades of grey that add depth and meaning to the starkness of those extremes.”

– Ansel Adams

This Course Is For You

Creating a more streamlined editing process is your goal: You can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your editing process.

This course is for you if you want to learn by watching, Those that learn best by seeing ideas translated into visuals will find this method to be very beneficial.

The course provides an in-depth understanding of key Lightroom features that are essential for any genre of photographer looking to improve their post-processing skills.

Learn from the Best: Gain insights from James Nader a professional with 20+ years in the industry.

Learn to Visualise in Black and White, training your eye to see beyond colors and understand the power of tones.

Unique Techniques: Explore the modern application of Ansel Adams' Zone System in digital photography and the daily applications

Practical Skills: From monochrome conversions to advanced Lightroom techniques, master skills that enhance your photography.

Learn Practical Skills and Techniques for overcoming common issues in monochrome photos, ensuring your images are never flat or uninteresting.

Why Would I Need This Course and Is It The Right Course For Me?

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It's All About Quality of Image, Not Quantity of Images.

Embark on a Soul-Stirring Journey into the Art of Black and White Photography: Unveiling the Mystique and Timelessness of Monochrome Imagery

Are you ready to transcend beyond basic black and white photography? Many photographers depend heavily on software for their monochrome results. However, the true mastery lies in understanding the art of colour conversion into black and white. It's about envisioning the world in monochrome, predicting the outcome even before you press the shutter.

Included in Your Course

My course offers you this unique opportunity; you will learn how to see and think in black and white, integrating the profound principles of the Zone System. This isn't just an enhancement of your editing skills; it's a complete transformation of your photographic vision.

Don't miss the chance to increase your craft to a level where you control every shade from pitch black to pristine white. Join my course now and level up your black-and-white photography skills like never before!

  1. Transform Your Visual Storytelling with an understanding of light and shadow, enhancing the mood and depth of your images.

  2. Advance Your Professional Profile by specializing in monochrome photography, attracting new clients, and standing out in the industry.

  3. Understand the Importance of 16-bit Editing for smoother transitions and higher quality in black-and-white photography.

  4. Exclusive Access to James Nader's Expertise and Custom Lightroom Presets tailored for black-and-white photography enthusiasts.

  1. Master Technical Skills for transforming color images into impactful black-and-white masterpieces using Lightroom and Photoshop.

  2. Gain Insights into High-Quality Black & White Conversions, exploring techniques from basic to advanced in Lightroom.

  3. Network and Grow within a community of passionate photographers, exchanging ideas and fostering collaborative learning.

  4. Explore The Zone System in detail, learning how to manipulate light, exposure, and tonal range for expressive black-and-white photos.



21 In Depth Video Modules

Adobe Lightroom's ability to transform colour images into stunning black-and-white masterpieces makes it an indispensable tool for photographers. The 21 video modules, complemented by transcripts, quizzes, and multiple-choice questions, offer an
in-depth, interactive learning experience to guide photographers through each step of the conversion process, enhancing their artistic vision and technical skills. The practical, hands-on approach ensures a deeper understanding of monochrome.


Become an Expert in Black & White Editing & Creating Beautiful imagery and take your business to the next level.

  1. Understanding and manipulating images using brightness, contrast, and texture can significantly impact the artistic quality of your photographs. These skills are crucial for photographers who want to create more compelling and visually striking images.

  2. By mastering these tools, you can streamline your editing process, making it more efficient and effective. This is particularly beneficial for professional photographers who deal with large volumes of images.

  1. Transform Your Visual Storytelling with an understanding of light and shadow, enhancing the mood and depth of your images.

  2. Gain Insights into High-Quality Black & White Conversions, exploring techniques from basic to advanced in Lightroom.

    Exclusive Access to James Nader's Expertise and Custom Lightroom Presets tailored for black-and-white photography enthusiasts.

Perfect Fine Art Black & White Images from Colour

  • Fundamentals of Monochrome Photography:

  • Adobe Lightroom Techniques:

  • Creative Vision in Black and White:

  • Post-Processing Secrets:

  • Real-World Applications:

Picture by James Nader of Petra Nemcova.
Camera: Hasselblad 50- 110mm

Why Will These Video Modules Help Me, A Budding Photographer?

  1. Comprehensive Learning: The extensive number of modules indicates a thorough exploration of the topic, providing learners with a deep understanding of black and white conversion techniques.

  2. Specialisation in Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom is a popular and powerful tool for photographers. Learning its specific features for colour conversion, as your modules offer, is valuable for those wanting to master this software.

  3. Practical Application: Your modules likely include practical examples and step-by-step instructions, which are essential for hands-on learning. This approach helps photographers to not only learn the theory but also apply it effectively.

  4. Versatility in Skills: By learning to convert color images to black and white, photographers can expand their creative options and develop a more versatile skill set, which is crucial in the diverse field of photograph​​​y.

  5. Technique Improvement: Techniques specific to black and white conversion, such as managing shadows and highlights, can also improve a photographer's overall editing skill​​s.

For Photographers Who Like, Fashion, Portraits, Weddings, Landscapes & Street Photography

Learn to Take Control Of Your Images With Expert Knowledge From Industry Photographer James Nader

Here's What Other Photographers Have To Say

"Marco: Absolutely loved the course! My black and white photos are now stunning."

"Elena: The techniques I learned have elevated my monochrome images. Highly recommend this course if you want to create gallery-style mono

"Eva: Learned so much! My monochrome photos are now rich with depth and emotion. Highly recommend. The course's approach to monochrome editing is top-notch."

"Liam: The monochrome course was enlightening. My black and white photos have never looked better."

Predict the future by creating it

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Full Details and of The Monochrome Course

Introduction to The James Nader Course

James Nader here and I'm delighted to have you on board for this extraordinary monochrome course. By joining us, you're about to embark on the most remarkable journey that will open your eyes to the captivating realms of black-and-white photography

Video 1 - Intro

Introduction to James Nader

I have been a Fashion & Advertising for over 15 years and want to take you on a journey into my work and introduce you to my style and some of my campaigns and to share my creative processes with you.

Video 2 - About James

Video 4 - Effective Conversion

My discovery of Black and White

When we talk about the genius of monochrome, before I managed to move through into fashion I was influenced by many photographers. Here I discuss my influences

Helping photographers to develop their technical ability improving the quality of their black and white images specific technical skills to achieve the design results. We discuss the methods I use and I will teach

Introduction to effective colour conversion

Video 3 - Discovering Mono

Learning to see your scene in Monochrome

Video 5 - Portrait Zone System

Video 6 - Understanding Tonal Contrasts

The ZONE System - See in Monochrome

Learn the basics of the ZONE system and how it applies to not only landscapes but also fashion and portraiture. Learn how I use it to craft strong Black and white images for my clients.

In this module, I demonstrate how you can learn to see in Balck & White before taking your shot. I run through the various ZONES and how to understand what you camera is seeing for better editing in Lightroom

Video 7 - Learn to see in Mono

Using a colour wheel to understand colour in Black & White

Understanding how colour converts to Monochrome gives photographers an edge when shooting for Black & White. In this module, we go in-depth to understand how colour influences your Black & White conversions

Video 8 - Understanding Full Power of Lightroom Develop Module.

The best tones and colours which convert effectively into Black and White

Learn how to transform your image with tones of monochrome whilst we learn to read the image in preparation for conversion to the very best Black & White pictures

Video 9- Introduction to the Lightroom Develop Module

Unleash the power of the Lightroom Develop module and learn about its ability.

In depth overview of the settings and how these influence the grading and colour conversion. Discussing the correct ways of converting a colour image into monochrome.

Video 10-Using Lightroom Zone system

Learn the essential Lightroom settings needed to edit effective Black & White images. We look closely at their relationship to achieving perfect Monochrome

Lightroom Develop module Part 2

Video 11-Using Lightroom Zone system

Learn to asses your images before conversion. Are they the best fit?

Exceptional Monochrome images start at the capture. Here we explore how to make sure your selected image will work as a prefect Black & White image. I examine som of my images in realtime.

Video 12- The Full Monochrome Edit

Learn from me my full edit process as we work through the Monochrome conversion together

In this video I begin with the assessment and then take you on my journey of how I edit and how the image looks through my eyes as I explain my full Black & White conversion techniques as used for clients.

Video 13-Raw & Jpeg, Whats the Best

A short video which explains and demonstrates the difference between Raw and JPG files for editing

Learn why using the correct file is crucial in your Monochrome conversion and maintaining quality.

Video 14-Pre-Final Edit, The Basics

Learn why brightness and contrast are essential but also when is the best time to use them natively

Essential knowledge about how and when to us the standard brightness and contrast sliders within the Lightroom Develop Module

Video 15-Using The Dehaze Tool

A powerful way of using the Dehaze tool for Portraits and Fashion as well as landscapes

Learn why Using a touch of Dehaze to pictures adds some additional unique contrasts to Monochrome. Mixed with other sliders it creates unique textures and tones

Video 16-Using The Clarity Tool

Why the Clarity slider is essential in my Monochrome eding and how to control the effect

See how I use the Clarity slider to enhance contrasts in my images and how, when combined with the native contrast slider, you can achieve a better convincing contrast without going overboard.

Video 17-Using The Texture Slider

Why using the Texture slider for the final details in your image

Decreasing Texture is useful for portraits when you want to soften or minimize the appearance of skin texture. I use this technique and show you how this can control the effect of the skin texture for realism or for Fine Art pictures

Video 18-The Art of Dodging & Burning

Essential strategies for Dodging & Burning using Masking in Lightroom Develop Module

I show in detail how I Dodge & Burn using linear and radial masks to achieve the perfect result for a final Black & White photograph