You didn’t come this far to stop.

The Fashion Photography Masterclass

Take advantage of our unique masterclasses and workshops guided by me, James Nader, to take your photography to new levels. Use your lens as a portal to your imagination and lose yourself in the art of photographing people, places, and things. If you want to learn how to light a model properly and connect with them in a way that makes their images stand out and sell, these workshops are a must.

Spots are limited, so don't let this opportunity pass you by. Come be a part of a group of photographers who are changing the game by taking your art to the next level and making your dreams a reality. Take immediate action and stop letting FOMO prevent you from achieving your photographic dreams

Times Day 1: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm.
Times Day 2: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm.

Delegates Able to Attend: 12